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Re: CLX speed

Alex writes:
    	What is the general difference in speed between CLX and raw X, i.e.
    how much does it cost me to be using LISP?
    Alex Singer
    Thinking Machines Corp.
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    Cambridge, MA 02142
   I assume you're talking here of an application that spends most of its
time rendering and little of it computing.  In this graphics-limited case,
the two languages will be the same, because the protocol pipeline will be
full, and the server (in your case a Sun, right?) will be running flat-out
drawing our graphics.

   You *will* see a speed difference when the pipeline empties and you need
to refill it, or when you do anything interactive (like handling events).
Events flush the pipe, so the language speed comes into play in turning
around the event and generating more graphics requests.
However, even here, the Ethernet time will probably swamp the compute (i.e.
language-specific) time.

Hope this helps.

					As always,

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