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too many contacts for clue 1-15??

      Hi we are running a program which is a tree editor of a sort.
Each node of trees to be edited is itself a contact.

      When previously done in clue 1-13, it worked fine, however upon
switching to clue 1-15, the program would crash after some number of
nodes were created, or so it seemed.  This effect could be created
      1) reading in a predefined tree of many nodes
      2) reading a small (< 10 nodes) trees several times
      3) creating ~100 nodes by hand.

      This would crash the server.

      My question is is there a limit to how many contacts may be mapped
in clue-1-15?  The problem did not exist in clue-1-13, and to try and
deduce whether or not it was number of windows that caused the crash,
I wrote a program using CLX to create and map 1485 windows, this only slowed
the server down, so I would guess it is not the number of windows.

      Is the problem a semi common one?  We are using X11R3, R3 CLX, and
clue 1-15.  Will specific patches to the server or CLue 6.0 solve this problem.