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keycode->keysym bug

   Sender: KK@rigi.csc.ti.com
   Date: Fri, 4 Aug 89  16:16:38 EDT
   From: Kerry Kimbrough <Kimbrough@dsg.csc.ti.com>

       The spec says that keysym-index can be nil, but this will immediately
       cause aref to choke. Who's wrong --- spec or code? 

       (defun keycode->keysym (display keycode keysym-index)
	 (declare (type display display)
	      (type card8 keycode)
	      (type (or null card8) keysym-index)
	      (values keysym))

There are a lot of keycodes for which you can't unambiguously determine the
keysym from the keycode alone.  I think keycode->keysym should take a state
argument like keycode->character:

(defun keycode->keysym (display keycode state &key keysym-index
	                   (keysym-index-function #'default-keysym-index))
  (declare (type display display)
	   (type card8 keycode)
	   (type card16 state)
	   (type (or null card8) keysym-index)
	   (type (or null (function (string-char card16 boolean card8) card8))
  (declare-values (or null keysym))