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call for participation in the 4th Annual X Technical Conference


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The 4th annual Technical Conference on the X Window System will be held on
January 15-17, 1990 at the Marriott Copley Place Hotel in Boston, MA.  The
conference, sponsored by the MIT X Consortium, will bring together experts from
industry and academia to present and discuss leading edge research and
development in the X environment.  This is an ideal opportunity to learn about
the very latest X technology, and to talk individually with a variety of

As with last year, there will be tutorials on the first day.  If you are
interested in giving a tutorial, please contact us.  We are particularly
interested in topics which have not been given before, or which have had only
limited attendance.  Tutorials on commerical products are allowed, although we
reserve the right to have the material "(un)slanted" appropriately for the

The second two days will be devoted to talks, in a single track.  Presentations
can be anywhere from 5 to 50 minutes, and video tape is welcome.  Written
papers are welcome, but not required; but, we would like to reproduce any
slides and written materials in advance for distribution at the conference.
There is no set "theme" for the conference; we are interested in submissions
covering all aspects of X.  Presentations on both research and commercial
developments are welcome.

On all three days, there will be "Birds of a Feather" sessions for general
discussion of areas of specific interest to the attendees.  If there are
particular BOFs you would like to see or run, please let us know.

As usual, there will no "trade show" attached to this conference.

If you would like to give a tutorial, make a presentation, or run a BOF,
send details to:

		Bob Scheifler
		Laboratory for Computer Science
		545 Technology Square
		Cambridge, MA 02139

Network mail is preferred.  Please include your name, net and postal address,
phone number, affiliation, a reasonably detailed outline of what you want to
present, what your relationship is to the work (e.g. project manager, principal
designer, lead engineer, me-myself-and-I), how much time you need, and what A/V
facilities you need.  The deadline for submissions is November 17; receipt will
be acknowledged.  However, we will not wait for this deadline before making
decisions on tutorials, so the earlier you get your tutorial proposal in, the
better your chances are.

If you are interested in serving (electronically) on the program committee
for this conference, please send mail by September 22 to:


Due to the costs of holding the conference off campus (we've outgrown MIT's
facilities), there will be a registration fee of $50, covering the entire
conference (this is not to make a profit, but to keep the X Consortium subsidy
within reason).  Exceptions will be made for students who cannot afford the

Since there will be a fee this year, registration will not be handled by
electronic mail.  Please do *not* send inquiries about registration yet; we'll
send out registration and hotel information a little later.  However, if you
believe your network mail is unreliable and are concerned that you might not
see later announcements in this forum, you can be placed on a mailing list to
receive information by post by writing to:

		X Technical Conference
		c/o MIT Conference Services
		Room 7-111
		77 Massachusetts Ave
		Cambridge, MA 02139