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Re: store-color in CLX version 4

Your message:

    I noticed a bug in store-color.  In the branch that makes the call to
    storenamedcolor, the flags are ignored.

    The file clx.lisp claims that I'm using CLX version 4.

    Is there somewhere I can get all the CLX patches?  I'd be surprised if
    this hasn't been  noticed and fixed by someone else yet.

The newest CLX is available via ftp from ucbarpa.berkeley.edu.  Unfortunately
it is a few months old.
Fortunately I am about ready to make another distribution (which will also
be on ucbarpa, or possibly ucbvax, I will announce where and when).
It will include your fix.  Go ahead and be surprised,
you were the first person to find it.  :-)

	-- John