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[John Irwin <jdi@franz.com>: write-bitmap-file]

John, I'm forwarding to cl-windows, which I believe is the best forum for this
kind of issue, i.e. the design of the CLX interface. This list probably has
considerable overlap with bug-clx; nevertheless, the subject is not really
a CLX bug.

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Date: Wed, 06 Dec 89 16:45:40 -0800
From: John Irwin <jdi@franz.com>
Subject: write-bitmap-file
To:   bug-clx@zermatt.lcs.mit.edu

Write-bitmap-file currently only takes three arguments:
	(pathname image &optional name)

I think it should also take the keyword arguments :if-exists and
possibly :if-does-not-exist, as open does.  It should just pass these args
through to with-open-file.

If this change were made it would probably be better to make 'name' a keyword
rather than optional.  Anybody else have a feeling on this?

	-- John

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I agree. In fact, any open-file keyword arg ought to be passed through:

	(defun write-bitmap-file (pathname image &rest open-options &key name))