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Re: Declarations in event case body

Your message:

        This arrangement does not allow for declarations of the bound variables
    -- the
        declaration cannot be inside the progn, it must be the first form insid
   e the
        let.  Being able to declare these variables would be quite useful, as t
   he only
        other way to, for example, say that 'x' is a int16 is to rebind 'x' or 
        lots of THE statements.

    To fix this involves more than a small change, so it's not gonna get fixed 
    R4, so I recommending rebinding x.  It expands to a progn because
    event-dispatch wants only one form there, that one form is used as the
    predicate as to whether to discard the event or not.

    Don't you think CLX should be putting in the type declarations itself, so y
    don't have to?  It seems to me that's the real way to fix this.

Well, the problem with CLX including declarations is that the user could:
	(setf x nil)

not knowing that x is declared to be an (integer -32768 32767), since she
didn't put that declaration in the code herself.

However it would be very nice to have a version of event-case that
automatically produced these declarations.  Perhaps there should be another
event-case exported macro?  I can't think of a better way to control generation
of the declares...

	-- John