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Lisp Toolkit BOF

This is to remind all of you of the Lisp Toolkit BOF (Birds of a
Feather) meeting at the X Conference in Boston next Monday.  We'll be
meeting from 6:20 PM to 8 PM.

I've tentatively scheduled the first half of the meeting for very short
presentations from a variety of toolkit suppliers.  The second half is
for general discussion.

Presentations from toolkit suppliers:

  Chris Lindblad	MIT X Consortium
    R4 CLX

  (someone TBD)		Sun Microsystems

  Brad Myers		Carnegie Mellon University

  Kerry Kimbrough	Texas Instruments
    CLUE and CLIO

  Andrew Ressler
    Express Windows

  Dennis Doughty	International Lisp Associates

  Chris Richardson	Harlequin Ltd

  John Brolio		University of Massachusetts
    Generic BlackBoard

Some other Lisp vendors will also be presenting on where they stand on X
toolkit issues:

  Steve Haflich		Franz

  Judy Anderson		Lucid

  Charles Hornig        Symbolics

I've also had people express interest in discussing the following

  -- Using C toolkits from Lisp.

  -- Using raw CLX.