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Re: CLX: sending hints to window manager?

   > When running clx applications with twm running, any windows I create that
   > have *root* as the parent require me to place the window on the
   > screen (i.e., moving around the window with the mouse and clicking
   > on the point where I want it located)...this despite the fact that
   > I have supplied x and y starting coordinates.

See set-standard-properties, in CLX/manager.l.  This corresponds directly to the
equivalent Xlib function.  Sounds like you will want to set
:user-specified-position to true.

This function is mentioned tersely in doc.l but, alas, not at all in doc/CLX/*
manual. This was chiefly for lack of time. But also I think there may still exist
some unresolved issues on how best to support ICCCM in CLX.