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Last week, we, International Lisp Associates and Aoyama Gakuin Unviersity
CSRL, made a joint statement as follows when Bill York (ILA) visited Japan.

This is primarily an informal in Japan, but,
is sent to CL-Windows for your convenience.

YY is a research project and will be presented at EUROPAL'90 UK on March 28.
The early draft was on proc. of 2nd CLOS workshop.

Technical details of YY will be available for every person as possible.
Please wait for a while to ask about YY.
We will faithfully prepare the info.

Masayuki Ida
CSRL, Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan


         St.Valentine's Day Joint Statement

Statement of the Relationship Between the YY Project and CLIM
14 February 1990

1) YY and CLIM Efforts

YY is a university research project investigating Lisp User Interface toolkits.
The project is led by Prof. Masayuki Ida of Aoyama Gakuin University
(Japan), and supported by the YY
research group members.  The YY effort is designed to explore new ideas
by experimentation in the area of portable Lisp UI toolkits.

The Common Lisp Interfact Manager (CLIM) is a commercial product effort by
International Lisp Associates (US) in conjunction with several
corporations.  The goal is to produce a portable Lisp UI toolkit for
commercial delivery in the 2nd quarter of 1990.

2) YY and CLIM technical coordination

During the next year, the YY team and ILA will work to unify their individual
efforts to produce an integrated specification.  The YY and CLIM efforts
will remain independent, however, as each group by their natures have
somewhat different goals.  Where the goals are the same the two groups
will define a single specification of those capabilities.

Both groups will work to maintain close contact.  There will be a frequent
exchange of technical information, including specifications and software
prototypes.  It is hoped that the experiences of each group will assist
the other in making important design decisions.

Aoyama Gakuin University			International Lisp Associates

Research Group Members from:			Business Partners

CSK Corp.					Franz, Inc.
CEC Ltd.					Lucid, Inc.
Fujitsu Ltd.					Symbolics, Inc.
Hitachi Ltd.					Xerox PARC
NEC Corp.
Nihon Symbolics Inc.
Nihon Unisys Ltd.