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Package (XLIB (CL)) and CLOS

I am an honours student in computer science at the University of Sydney.
Part of my work involving CLOS needs and X interface. I wrote to Mr. Bob 
Scheifler concerning these matters a few days ago and he suggested I contact
you (see below).

	>From: rws@expo.lcs.mit.edu (Bob Scheifler)
	>    Could you please send me some details of the further work on CLX
	>    involving CLOS
	>Your questions are best addressed by others.  I would suggest you send
	>your query to xpert@expo.lcs.mit.edu and cl-windows@sail.stanford.edu.

	The interface is not a major part of my thesis and so any work that has
already been done in this area would be a great help to me and free me to
concentrate on my major problems rather than duplicating something that has
already been acheived.

	I would like to inquire as to what further work has been done in this
area, particularly with reference to CLOS and implementations using it,
as well as details or instructions on how to obtain such material.
I am currently working with CLX version 4.

	Any help/information would be greatly appreciated.

					J. Matthew Farrow (matty)