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CLIM experiences, status ?

[I tried sending this out last week, but there were some mail-list problems,
 so it didn't make it very far.. sorry if you see it twice, and thanks if
 you've already answered.]

We are definitely going to be getting a beta-release of CLIM soon for
evaluation, and probable development.  This will be on a Sun-4/60 running
allegro (maybe also NeXT too if it's available).

Has anyone else got it yet?  Using it?  On what kinds of boxes?

How do you find it so far?  (Details like size, speed, stability welcome).
Where's the big win--ease of porting, development speed, power?

Is there a mailing list for CLIM users/bugs ?  Demo code and neat hacks welcome.


   Todd Kaufmann
   Center for Machine Translation

Cc: comp.lang.lisp (4/23)