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new version of CLX

It has been pointed out that current versions of CLX won't work with some
post-R4 X servers, as CLX maintained one table for atoms and other resources.
Thanks to patches supplied by Charlie Hornig of Symbolics, a new version of
CLX is now available for FTP from expo.lcs.mit.edu, which fixes this problem.
The new version also conains a few other changes, listed below.

The new version is available for anonymous FTP from:


R4.2 changes:

o Atoms and visuals are now correctly maintained in a separate namespace from 
  windows, pixmaps, cursors, fonts, gcontexts, and colormaps.

o I have made an attempt to make socket code work for kcl and ibcl.  I have
  akcl here, but not kcl and ibcl, so it's only guesswork that kcl and ibcl 

o compile-clx and load-clx do more pathname merging to work around problems
  in some lisp implementations. *default-pathname-defaults* is never bound 

o Some ansi common lisp stuff.  If you have :ansi-common-lisp on *features*,
  CLX will:

  - Use the common-lisp package instead of the lisp package.

  - Use the common lisp condition system, being careful not to stomp on 
    define-condition and type-error.

  - Use declaim instead of proclaim.

  - Use the dynamic-extent declaration for rest args and closures.

  - Use print-unreadable-object.

o Code compiled with the R4 and R4.1 CLX will work with the R4.2 CLX, provided
  you don't have :ansi-common-lisp on your features list.  Code compiled with 
  the R4.2 CLX will NOT work with the R4 CLX.