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moving windows

  I have a simple question to ask you.  What is the correct way to move a
window around in CLX?  Consider the following:
(defun start ()
  (setq display (xlib:open-display ""))
  (setq screen (xlib:display-default-screen display))
  (setq root (xlib:screen-root screen))
  (setq win (xlib:create-window :parent root :x 300 :y 100
                :width 200 :height 200
                :background (xlib:screen-white-pixel screen)
                :border-width 2 :override-redirect :off))
  (xlib:set-standard-properties win :name "Title bar")
  (xlib:map-window win)
  (xlib:display-finish-output display))

(defun move (x y)
  (setf (xlib:drawable-x win) x)
  (setf (xlib:drawable-y win) y)
  (xlib:display-finish-output display))

  In twm, when I say (move x y) the top, left point of the window
appears at <x-2, y-2>, and in mwm it appears at <x-8, y-15>.  How
to I move the outermost top, left point of the window to be <x,y>?