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Question with xlib:alloc-color.

Can someone offer some help or advice on a question relating to 
the function (xlib:alloc-color colormap color) in CLX?

Our problem is the following:
The C version of XAllocColor returns zero when the server runs
out of colors.  However, the CLX alloc-color always returns a pixel
(even if it is far off from the requested color).
How can we find out if the server is out of colors?  We need this
so we'll know when we to reduce the number of colors we request.

Our application involves decoding and displaying GIF format color images.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


p.s.  Please also add me to your mailing list!  Thanks.
Chung Huan Liu                             arpa: chungl@postgres.berkeley.EDU
University of California, Berkeley         uucp: uunet!ucbarpa!postgres!chungl
Computer Science Department                phone: (415) 642-9585