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Could we get into this list?

On commonloops-mailing-list (for PortableCommonLoops users) there was
some time ago a message in which Stephen L Nicoud and Mark Kantrowitz 
told that this mailing list discussing window toolkits for commonlisp

In Nokia Research Centre we build windowing lisp applications and
are therefore interested in these matters.

Now we have made a local mail distribution list and hope to get into
this mailing list. Our email address is:


We'd be grateful if you'd add that into the list.

  Pekka Jussila                          Email:
  Nokia Research Center                  jussila@rc.nokia.fi
  Dept. of Knowledge Technology          Tel.Int:          
  P.O.Box 156                            + 358 0 4376 339  
  SF-02101 ESPOO                         Telefax:          
  FINLAND                                + 358 0 4376 227