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UIST'91 Call for Papers (Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology)

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     Fourth Annual Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology

	          Sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH & SIGCHI  
           November 11-13, 1991, Hilton Head, South Carolina

            Paper and Panel submissions due on May 21, 1991


UIST'91, the Fourth Annual Symposium on User Interface
Software and Technology, is the premier forum on innovative
engineering of the human-computer interface.  The symposium brings
together user-interface researchers and practitioners with an interest
in techniques, tools, and technology for constructing quality,
innovative user interfaces.  The intimate size, single track, and
comfortable surroundings make this symposium an ideal opportunity to
exchange research results and implementation experiences.  Papers and
panel proposals are sought on a wide range of user interface topics.


Authors are encouraged to submit high-quality papers about research to
enhance user interface functionality or to improve the user interface
engineering process.  Appropriate topics include but are not limited to:

- Techniques for advanced interaction functionality, such as
multimedia, innovative displays, unconventional input devices, and
highly interactive interfaces.

- Innovative software architectures for engineering user interfaces,
including those associated with user interface management systems,
window systems, toolkits and knowledge-based interfaces.

- Tools and techniques for designing, constructing and evaluating user
interfaces, including automated tools and object-oriented techniques.

- Interfaces with special operating system requirements, such as
real-time, multi-user, multi-input, multi-threaded, and distributed

- Interfaces for difficult or challenging applications, such as large
and/or complex information sets.

- Interfaces for users with special needs.

- The internationalization of the interface. 

Videotapes of implementations are encouraged.  We are exploring the
possibility of including video with the conference proceedings. 
However, papers must stand on their own and will be reviewed
independently from submitted videotapes.

Submissions must present original research relevant to the symposium.
Papers should be at most 5000 words or 10 ACM conference pages.
Videotapes should be at most 8 minutes long.  The submission should
consist of 6 copies of a paper, 2 copies of a videotape (if there is
one), and a cover letter indicating the primary author's name,
affiliation, address, phone number and email address (if at all
possible).  The title page should include an abstract (less than 200
words) and keywords.  The cover letter should also indicate whether the
submitted video can be part of the proceedings.  Contact the program
chair for an author's packet.

Submissions must be received by the program chair no later than May
21, 1991.  FAX cannot be used for submission.  Authors will be notified
of acceptance by July 8, 1991.


Panels offer an opportunity to exchange ideas in an atmosphere that
reflects the workshop origins of the symposium.  Suggested topics are
the same as for submitted papers.  Of special interest would be panels
about "success stories" - verifiably successful user interfaces and
the techniques and tools by which they were developed, and panels
about the use of computers for the physically disabled.  We also
encourage submissions from outside North America.

Panel selection will be based on the importance, originality, focus,
and timeliness of the topic, as well as the potential for informative
(and even controversial) discussion.  Panels should have no more than
five members, including the chair, and should be planned to last from
one to one-and-one-half hours.  No more than half of the total time
will be allowed for position statements by panelists.

A panel proposal should be no more than two pages in length.  It should

- A description of the panel topic, including why this topic is
important to symposium attendees.

- A brief position statement of each panelist.

A cover sheet should include the panel title, length of time desired
for the panel, panelists' names and affiliations, and the panel
organizer's name, affiliation, address, e-mail address, and phone

Submissions must be received by the panels chair no later than May 21,
1991.  Authors will be notified of acceptance by July 8, 1991.  


James R. Rhyne
IBM T. J. Watson Research Ctr. 
P.O. Box 704 
Yorktown Heights, NY 10589 
(914) 784-7767


Jock Mackinlay 
Xerox PARC 
3333 Coyote Hill Rd. 
Palo Alto, CA 94304 
(415) 494-4335 
FAX: (415) 494-4777 


Deborah Hix 
Department of Computer Science 
Virginia Tech. 
Blacksburg, VA 24061 
(703) 231-6199 


Teresa Bleser, George Washington University 
Steve Feiner, Columbia University 
Scott Hudson, University of Arizona 
Mark Linton, Silicon Graphics Inc. 
Brad Myers, Carnegie Mellon University 
Dan R. Olsen Jr., Brigham Young University 
Randy Pausch, University of Virginia 
Mary Beth Rosson, IBM T.J. Watson Research Ctr.