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CLX and OpenWindows incompatibility?


I am trying to run CLX on a sun running OpenWindows (server and olwm
window manager) and I am having problems with the input focus.
Basically, the windows created from CLX will not get the input focus.
When I move the mouse over one of the CLX windows, the title bar
doesn't change.  I can mouse on them, but if I type, I get beeps like
when I type in the background window.  

However, if I run twm rather than olwm, things work fine.  It seems the
cause of the problem is olwm.

Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

I am running Openwindows 3beta, Lucid 4.0, the CLX that came with
Lucid, SUN OS 4.1 on a sparcstation 1+.

				Pedro Szekely
				USC/Information Sciences Institute
				4676 Admiralty Way,
				Marina del Rey, CA 90292
				(213) 822-1511 ext 641
				EMail: szekely@isi.edu