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Re: GUI's for CommonLisp

    Date: Wed, 20 May 1992 16:44 PDT
    From: simon@lia.di.epfl.ch (Simon Leinen)

    > P.P.S. Why are bug-clx and cl-windows so dead?  

    Good question.  For bug-clx one reason may be that there are so few
    bugs in CLX left.  On the CLIM mailing list (requests to
    <CLIM-request@BBN.COM>) there is quite a bit of traffic.  While
    technically CLIM may be the best thing since sliced bread (according
    to what you read on the CLIM-list), I believe there is still a market
    for "poor man's" UI libraries in Common Lisp (like CLUE and Garnet).
    Compare this to the C/X11 world where a lot of people still use the
    Athena Widgets rather than MOTIF and OLIT.

I would like to point out that CLIM's goals are neither to be
"technically the best thing since sliced bread" nor to crowd out
interesting or inexpensive alternative Lisp UI toolkits.  The
primary goal of CLIM is to provide a fairly capable Lisp UI
platform supported by all the commercial Lisp vendors and on a
wide variety of hardware and system platforms upon which an
application builder may confidently build an application.  *WHEW*