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Bill, some things you should know...

The stuff that came with CLIM for Franz lisp says the ILA courses are Oct.
15-16 (as I recall, I don't have it with me right now) in this area.

We have signed a license agreement with Lucid for beta-testing CLIM.  (We
have a number of Lucid Lisp licenses.)  We haven't yet gotten the tape.
(Felix has been the point person on that.)

So far, we're not terribly happy with CLIM on Franz.  To be fair, ILA's
stuff calls it a "developer's" release 0.9, but Franz says it is a product
from ILA now.

Felix has tried to run it some but found it quite slow, probably because it
is built on PCL.  I've been frustrated by its lack of reasonable documentation
(some bugs, but mostly failure to document or provide sufficient examples).

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