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CLIM on the Macintosh

    Date: Tue, 20 Nov 90 13:18 EST
    From: Michael Travers <>

    Can somebody tell me about the status of the CLIM implementation for
    Macintosh Allegro Common Lisp (or whatever it wants to be called

CLIM Rel. 0.9 runs under MACL 1.3, but, for a number of reasons, we have
decided not to release it under that version of the Lisp.  The move to
MACL 2.0 is under way.  We expect to get to beta test by early December.
Anyone interested in this release should contact ILA at the address
or telephone numbers listed below, and also contact Apple to get a copy
of the new Lisp.

                                        114 Mt. Auburn St., 4th Floor
                                        Cambridge, MA 02138
                                        voice: 1-800-477-CLIM
                                        fax:     617-576-2806


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