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Re: missing OR ptype

In article <> Dan Cerys <cerys@BBN.COM> writes:
>Just to clarify, we are using CLIM 0.9 on a variety of platforms.  The
>excellent presentation system done by Symbolics for CLIM 1.0 is
>unfortunately not in 0.9.  (Sigh).  

Aieeeeeeee.  Could someone explain why the various versions of CLIM appear
to be diverging?  I've heard rumours of this from several different parties,
and it *does* after all seem to defeat the main purpose (in my mind at
least) of CLIM -- platform independence.  Is there a single person (at ILA I
assume) who can assuage fears that platform independence is far, far off?

Kevin Thompson

--     NASA-Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA


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