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combining clim and another motif- (X-)application


please excuse me if this question is absurd, but I've not too
much insight neither into X/motif nor clim.

What I would like to have is a clim application (say Appl. A)
on some Unix machine, using the motif look&feel. This application
controls (say start/stop/interupt) some other, which
  a) are NOT written in lisp (but in C / pascal),
  b) have already an user interface, which is based on
  c) X-windows (using the motif toolkit).
Ideally, these applications (say B, C, ...) should show up in some window
pane of a clim application frame with not too much work in 
reimplementing the user interface. That is, application B should be
easily configurable as running standalone or part of A.

Can this be done? Or am I thinking in the wrong direction?


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