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Re: Lisp Pointers Article on CLIM.

When we sat down to write these articles, we wrote these code examples
in a development version of CLIM that closely resembles 0.9.   We then
translated the code to a virtual version of CLIM (our best guess at what
now is being call 2.0 might look like).  

This code should be viewed as indicative of the functionality that at
least three of us CLIM designers believe will be in CLIM in the long run
(and is in some form in the 0.9 version).   Feedback on the code at any
level has a good chance of influencing what will be supported in 2.0.   
Please send comments to 

I have a feeling that a lot of issues will be a lot easier to resolve at
this stage because of the experiences of current CLIM users.


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