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Re: Lisp Pointers Article on CLIM.

	From: Ramana Rao <>
	To: clim@BBN.COM
	Subject: Lisp Pointers Article on CLIM.
	Message-Id: <>
	Date: 	Mon, 4 Mar 1991 17:07:53 PST
	A number of people have been asking for tutuorial material on CLIM.  Bill York,
	Dennis Doughty, and I wrote an article which has just appeared in the first
	1991 issue of Lisp Pointers.
	I have put a Unix-compressed postscript file on arisia in the pub directory
	under the name  You can retrieve it using anonymous
	ftp to
	Ramana Rao (Internet:
	Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)
	3333 Coyote Hill Road; Palo Alto, CA, USA  94304
	TEL: 415-494-4716; FAX: 415-494-4334

  Just how does one go about getting Lisp Pointers these days? Last time I
knew was a couple of years ago when you were suppose to contact Mary VanDeusen
( All info would be appreciated.

  Mike McDonald
  (407) 727-5060

  Advanced Technology Dept.
  Harris Corp.
  M.S. 3A-1912
  P.O. Box 37
  Melbourne, Florida



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