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Converging on CLIM

[Apologies to those of you who have already seen this; I got tons of
"failed mail" replies due to the weird address routing.]

    Date: Mon, 11 Mar 91 09:31 PST
    From: "K. Mark Alexander" <>

    Does anyone have any inkling as to when the Symbolics version of CLIM
    and the ILA version of CLIM (more specifically, Lucid) will look and act
    enough like the same animal to deserve the name "*COMMON* Lisp Interface

The goal is, as always, to ship a 100% compatible version of CLIM on
all the vendors' Lisp platforms.  Symbolics is currently shipping
version 1.0 of CLIM on its two Lisp platforms, CLOE and Genera.  The
final development push is being put into the X Windows/Unix version of
that same 1.0 software for use in the Franz, Lucid and Harlequin
environments.  After that is taken care of, we will turn our attention
to a product version of CLIM for the Macintosh Lisp environment.

CLIM 1.0 will support a single-source CLIM application portably across
all the Lisp/hardware/window system platforms for which it is

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