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Using Processes in CLIM

    Date: Fri, 29 Mar 91 08:45:25 CST
    From: George Williams <>

    Surely we can make some progress on this issue, and CLIM seems like a
    good place to start.  We already have the major lisp vendors
    represented, the need is there.  When will there be a better

I completely agree, but I am only one voice in the coalition.  That's
why we need feedback on which features CLIM seems to depend on (which
includes implements for its own usage) that are desirable to "export"
even though they aren't part of CLIM proper.  This message is about some
form of access to the underlying multi-processing capabilities.  How
many other people would like it?  How many other people ALMOST NEED it?
What other facilities might fall into this category?

Then the question becomes: how do you want to see this technology
exported?  Should it be CLIM:PROCESS-WAIT or CLIM-SYS:PROCESS-WAIT or
something else.  My belief is that CLIM: would imply it IS a part of
CLIM proper, which it isn't, and CLIM-SYS: would imply that it is part
of the underlying SYStem that CLIM depends on, and if is a documented
exported symbol, it is fair game for users.

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