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RE: Using processes in CLIM

  From:  "David C. P. Linden"

                                              This message is about some
  form of access to the underlying multi-processing capabilities.  How
  many other people would like it?  How many other people ALMOST NEED it?

Anyone who thinks they might have more than one program frame
running simultaneously but asynchronously should ALMOST NEED 
to make use of the underlying process tools.

Not only do we need tools for blocking and process synchronization,
but we also need tools for instances of program FOO to ask CLIM if there
are any extant instances of program BAR.  Suppose FOO and BAR each
display of some data structure that they both have permission to
modify.  Then the two processes may wish to communicate with each
other regarding user interface issues such as redisplay instructions.
This is easy to do within program frames but not across them.

I have also found it useful for one program to explicitly
"select" (e.g. transfer input context to) another program.  This
is useful particularly for events requiring immediate attention of
the user.  It also makes sense to define user interface commands 
for explicit transfer of control, without having to rely on the 
underlying window system to provide some window-system-specific
button or keystroke.

jeff morrill
Bolt, Beranek, and Newman

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