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Using Processes in CLIM

    Date: Fri, 29 Mar 1991 09:45 EST
    From: George Williams <>

    David C. P. Linden <> writes:
    > Indeed, Common Lisp doesn't try to specify how processes might work.
    > There is a growing body of users that would like it to.  CLIM is one of
    > those "users" and to that effect CLIM has the set of functions/macros
    > you mentioned.  Currently, CLIM defines it only for its own use, which
    > is why they aren't exported nor documented.  There is an open discussion
    > in the CLIM 2 specification process of whether and/or how CLIM should
    > advertise the various "extensions" it adds to Common Lisp for its own
    > use.
    > If you have favorites, now might be a good time to put in your votes.

    It seems to me that the ability to have multiple processes are an
    important part of many user interfaces.  Since you have to have them
    to support CLIM, why not export *some* of this functionality for users
    who want this aspect of their applications to be portable as well?

    Yeah, I know there are problems with defining a portable process
    model, that's why it's not in CL already.  But good grief!  It doesn't
    have to be a complete multiprocessing capability to be useful for user
    interface purposes.

I don't think any of the CLIM authors think that it needs to be complete
in order to be useful.  But the functionality provided needs to be
consistent and predictable from platform to platform.

    Surely we can make some progress on this issue, and CLIM seems like a
    good place to start.  We already have the major lisp vendors
    represented, the need is there.  When will there be a better



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