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I want widgets (was: Announcement by Franz Lisp - Any Comments ?)

    Date:  Mon, 25 Mar 1991 13:02:47 +0100
    From: Schneider Daniel <>

    After my posted "Announcement by Franz Lisp - Any Comments ?" of 21
    March, I got some replies by people who were rather glad about that.
    Concerning my question whether we will get a widget set like the
    non-documented "ws:" abstract panes on page 86 of the 0.9 CLIM manual,
    the feeling was that we won't get them right now. The few person who
    replied also thought that we don't need them really so badly. 

    I got some objections here:

    (2) I think it is fine for Franz, ILA (and cooperating lisp vendors) to
    produce *first* a stable version, where things like scrolling,
    redisplay and such really work, and which has more presentation types,
    e.g. "or". But I need more features *now*, and I'm really hoping that
    I won't have to draw circles on the screen, accepting them and so on
    to get a checkbox. After all, CLIM is supposed to be highlevel too.

    * So here comes my suggestion: ILA could and SHOULD directly give out
    * relatively portable source code for a minimal set of widgets for those
    * people who do not just want to port symbolics software and who can't
    * wait for CLIM 2.0. This code does not need to be garantueed by company
    * lawyers, it could be declared unsafe and "proper risk involved" and
    * so forth ... This distribution could be organized via anonymous FTP. No
    * bureaucracy and tapes and such horrible things are needed. We don't
    * need printed documentation either. Good documented sample code will
    * do well enough.

    Such a server also could be used to redistribute donations by
    CLIM-programmers.  Maybe ILA (or whoever) does not want to program a
    slider (I'm already happy if I can get highligthing, one-of checkboxes
    and line-editing ....) but somebody may want to give out his slider.
    Our group could give out some stuff too.
This suggestion of a CLIM freeware clearing house is a reasonable one.
The mailing list can already serve this function for small
patches and extensions.  ILA already makes limited use of electronic
distribution for CLIM, and I suppose we could expand that if the CLIM
user&vendor community started generating enough of this software to
justify the security and maintenance costs it would entail.

			       - cheers   - Daniel

    And here is a last question, so that I know whom I have to call up
    to get heard. Is this new Franz 1.0 release built in cooperation with
	 Or is it this time just Symbolics and Franz. What is Lucid
    and Harelequin and ... doing ?  
As I had indicated to this list back in January, it is likely that all
members of the CLIM coalition will release - sometime this quarter -
products based on the CLIM 1.0 API and reference implementation.  For
the moment, though, please contact the vendors themselves directly for
further details.


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