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Using Processes in CLIM

CLIM won't be alone in this "choosing a model and ramming it down the
throat" of the users.  But that doesn't mean it shouldn't try to do
something.  In the current internal-to-CLIM substrate, there is a global
variable called *multiprocessing-p* which currently takes the values T
and NIL.  It is already the case that CLIM dispatches on its value to
cover the cases of platforms that do not support multiprocessing.  In
theory, we could extend the values to be the type of multiprocessing,
and have user programs dispatch on the value.  E.g., we could call the
Symbolics and derived model the :PROCESS-RUN-FUNCTION model, and the
Interlisp version the :SPAGHETTI model, etc.  This is just a strawman.
The point is that it is possible to do something useful while not
shutting the door on future models of doing things (in this case

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