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titles and fonts

    Date: Thu, 16 May 91 18:55:08 -0400

    I'm using CLIM 0.9.68 in Lucid, CLX 4.4.

    1.  I can set the title of a frame when i create it.  Is there a way to
    change it after i've create it?  I don't need a clim way to do this, since
    i guess there is no reason to assume that it is a portable feature, or is it.


  (reset-frame frame :title new-title)

should do what you want.

    2.  We have a symbolics application that uses its own font to draw icons.
    I'd appreciate any hints about how to do this in a CLIM/X environment.

You can get a text style which is a pointer to a specific device font:

  (make-device-font-text-style (port frame) font-name)

and then use that as a text style.  You will have to write strings whose
characters are indices into that font, of course, but that's no
different from what you did under Genera.

[I think MAKE-DEVICE-FONT-TEXT-STYLE is exported from the CLIM package
in 0.9, but I don't remember for sure, and can't test it easily.  If
CLIM:MAKE-DEVICE-FONT-TEXT-STYLE doesn't work, try SILICA:: instead.
The PORT is the "device" argument.]

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