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define-application-frame superclasses

    Date: Wed, 22 May 1991 21:24 EDT
    From: kanderso@BBN.COM

    In CLIM 0.9.68, CLX 4.4, Lucid 4.0.2.

    I basically wanted to build an application frame out of a more generic
    application independent frame.  I tried something like:

    (define-application-frame generic-frame ()

    (define-application-frame application-frame (generic-frame)

    to my suprise, this macro generates a class like:

    (defclass application-frame (frame generic-frame)

    which leads to a unlinearizable class-precedence list, rather than what
    i expected:

    (defclass application-frame (generic-frame frame)

    I think this is a bug.  Is it a bug or a feature?


Hi Ken.

Can't you just define GENERIC-FRAME using DEFCLASS instead of
DEINE-APPLICATION-FRAME?  Is GENERIC-FRAME just a straight mixin or does
it depend on CLIM:APPLICATION-FRAME?  One thing to be careful of is that
when you specify superclasses in define-application-frame, you must
include CLIM:APPLICATION-FRAME explicitly.  This is so that you can have
control over precedence ordering.  All this is for 1.0, I'm not sure how
dissimilar 0.9 is?


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