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Hello CLIM World,

My programming team has been evaluating CLIM (Symbolics' 1.0
rerelease) for a couple weeks, and we have a couple of questions:

1) What does the PRESENT method default to?  Does it use
   PRINT-OBJECT?  How does this relate to lower-level printing
   functions and the format directives?

2) The term "bitmap" does not appear in the Symbolics' CLIM 1.0
   documentation.  Can bitmaps be implemented in CLIM?  Are they
   some type of "design" or "pattern"?
   In a related, but more general, question: is there a taxonomy of

3) Is it possible to move an output history from one application
   window to another?  Can histories be stored without being

4) Has anyone implemented a MAC-like metaphor: select one (or more)
   item, then issue a command from a (pull-down?) menu?  For example,
   (using a MAC case) use sh-Left to select (and highlight) several
   documents in Finder; then select the Open command from the File
   menu.  This does not appear to be supported in CLIM as more than
   one object can be selected to issue multiple commands at once.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Bryan

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/  NASA/JSC  Mail Stop: ER22,  Houston TX  77058  /
/  (713) 483-2065				  /
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