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Questions...about ICONS

Hello Mark,

   >     2) The term "bitmap" does not appear in the Symbolics' CLIM 1.0
   >        documentation.  Can bitmaps be implemented in CLIM?  Are they
   >        some type of "design" or "pattern"?
   >        In a related, but more general, question: is there a taxonomy of
   >        designs?
   > See the documentation for CLIM:DRAW-ICON.

I did not find this function in my copy of Symbolics' 1.0 prerelease.  However,
I did find, via "Find Symbols \"icon\" :Packages CLIM", CLIM:ICONIC-VIEW and
the CLIM:+ICONIC-VIEW+ instance.  Will these support iconic views of an object
in the future release?

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