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Re: bitmaps

>    Date: Tue, 25 Jun 91 14:37:00 CDT
>    From: David Neves <>
>    In CLIM 1.0.
>    I would like to have bitmapped buttons.
>    Suppose I had some Lisp code to put up a bitmap.  I would now like to have
>    CLIM know that this bitmap is on the screen so that I could define a
>    presentation-to-command translator.  How can I do this?
>In general, anything you can draw can be a presentation.  Surround the
>code which does the output with WITH-OUTPUT-AS-PRESENTATION.
>  (with-output-as-presentation (:stream window :object 'button :type 'my-button)
>    (render-button window))
>where RENDER-BUTTON actually does the drawing you want.
I don't think this can be true because CLIM does not know the primitives
that I am using to draw the bitmap (I am using some Windows 3.0 calls). 
With-output-as-presentation should only work with accepted drawing
primitives shouldn't it?  My guess is that I have to get CLIM to know about
the bitmap -- its position, extent, and how it can be reproduced (in case
of movement).


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