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:menu-level in CLIM 1.0?

this is probably a trivial question, but in symbolics dynamic windows
one can separate commands in different command panes.  (:menu-level
option to a :panes spec).

reading the (symbolics) CLIM 1.0 documentation i can't see a way to
associate a command table with a distinct pane.  (when i define a
command for an application with say two :command-menus, the command
appears in both).

what am i missing?

PS, also i note that when i do:

(define-application-command (com-change-options :menu "Options" :keystroke #\o) 

the menu prompt that results is "Options (o)" indicating that there's a
keystroke associated with this.  i would have liked it to use the :menu
string i supplied directly.  any way of overriding this?


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