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CLIM emulation of Symbolics menu functions

I am in the process of porting a large graphics application from
the Symbolics window system.  The application makes use of a number of
functions from the Symbolics window system for menu-based user
interaction.  It would be very helpful to have CLIM equivalents of all
of these functions.

SRI has implemented some of these functions, and we're happy to share
them with interested parties.  We're currently lacking an equivalent
of TV:MULTIPLE-CHOOSE (Scott McKay recently posted a function
called MENU-MULTIPLE-CHOOSE, but as far as I can tell this function is
the difference is described below).

My goal is really to have a package that emulates all of the following
functions to facilitate porting of Symbolics applications:

TV:MENU-CHOOSE -- User can choose a single item from a menu (SRI has
implemented this)

TV:CHOOSE-VARIABLE-VALUES -- Pops up a menu that displays the values
of a specified set of variables, and lets the user select new values
for any of the variables (SRI has implemented this)

TV:MOMENTARY-MULTIPLE-MENU -- User can choose multiple items from a
menu (I believe this is what McKay has implemented)

TV:MULTIPLE-CHOOSE -- User can select multiple attributes for multiple
items in a menu by checking off boxes within a matrix (this is what we
really need)

Please let me know if you have TV:MULTIPLE-CHOOSE or something similar
that you can share, and if you are interested in this overall package.


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