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Re: Status of 1.0 and 2.0

  Date: Thu, 29 Aug 91 09:39 PDT
  From: "William M. York" <>
  Subject: Status of 1.0 and 2.0
  To:, clim@BBN.COM
      Date: Wed, 28 Aug 91 18:15 EDT
      From: "John C. Mallery" <>
      I have several questions:
      1) Can someone tell me what platforms CLIM 1.0 is available on, now and in the
      future?  I know about the Symbolics version.
  CLIM 1.0 is currently available on Unix workstations (under X
  Windows) from both Lucid and Franz for their respective Lisp
  environments.  It is also available from Symbolics for both the
  Genera and CLOE (386 PC running MS DOS and Windows) environments,
  and from ILA for the Macintosh Common Lisp environment.
      2) Also, what is the status of 2.0?  When is it expected?
  There is currently a push underway to complete the CLIM 2
  specification document.  That will be followed by a round of
  upgrading the CLIM 2 software prototype to conform to the new
  spec.  Once this "reference implementation" is completed, the

Can current CLIM users get a chance to comment on the spec?

  various Lisp vendors will begin their optimization and QA
  efforts, with an eye towards producing CLIM 2 products in 1992.
      3 What are the general upward compatibility issues from 1.0 to 2.0?
  We are striving for a great deal of compatability between CLIM 1
  and 2.  For example, all of the basic graphics and
  stream-oriented opterations will be 100% compatible.  However,
  due to some of the new goals of CLIM 2 (such as "toolkit-style"
  programming and integration with the mative toolkits of the
  underlying OS) some areas will have to be extended.  In
  particular, the pane layout language will have to be upgraded.
  We hope to provide some compatibility tools to help to make the
  transition easier in areas that will change.

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