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RE: Accepting a function?

  I'm trying to write a clim:accept dialog where the 
  value to be accepted and applied is a lambda function IE.:

  (apply (clim:accept 'clim:expression) 1)

  ENTER AN EXPRESSION> #'(lambda (x) (print x))

  When I try to do this, I get an error message claiming that the 
  object #'(LAMBDA # #) is not a valid function.

  Is there a special type I should be using? Do I need to write my own?

  Any solutions?

This is not a clim problem so much as a Lisp problem.  Try:
(funcall (accept 'expression) 1)
ENTER AN EXPRESSION> (lambda (x) (print x))

If you prefer that your original input should be acceptable, try:
(funcall (eval (accept 'expression)) 1)
ENTER AN EXPRESSION> #'(lambda (x) (print x))

jeff morrill

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