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Presentation selection via mouse

Two questions from a novice CLIM user (using CLIM 1.0 from Allegro on a

1) In my type of display I have many presentations on the screen that overlap.
I wish to allow the user to choose from whatever group of presentations
that he is over which one he wants (rather than CLIM selecting the last
presentation that was put on the display at that location).  Is there a
way of doing this simply?   (This needs to be fairly efficient because
the presentations are constantly changing and moving around in the display).

2) How can I speed up CLIM on complex presentations.  ie: I have some 
presentations that have can have a couple hundred atomic drawing operations
(like draw-line, draw-text, etc.).  Whenever I try to do a redisplay on them
I notice a significant time delay in updating the display (like when I tell
them to move elsewhere in the window)?

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