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    Date: Tue, 8 Oct 1991 03:57 EDT
    From: "John C. Mallery" <>

    Can somebody please send me a representative list of publications on CLIM?

There is a paper that describes the conceptual underpinnings of the
presentation-based model used in Dynamic Windows and refined in CLIM:

 "An Presentation Manager Based on Application Semantics", by SWM, York,
 and MMcM, in UIST `89 (Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on User
 Interface Software and Technology).

There is also:

 "A Guided Tour of CLIM", by Rao, York, and Doughty that appeared in
 Lisp Pointers Vol. IV no. 1.

and a sidebar in the September CACM:

 "CLIM: The Common Lisp Interface Manager", by SWM.

    Such as, a book introducing programmers to it and papers discussing the
    significance of CLIM with regard to alternative window systems.

The Symbolics documentation has a 100 page tutorial in it, plus a
programmers manual, and a reference manual.  It's actually a pretty
good document.

You should be careful not to confuse CLIM with a window system, since
CLIM is *not* a window system.  It is a UIMS that sits on top of various
window systems and toolkits.

To my mind, it's main advantages are:

  The presentation-based model that allows the semantics of the
   application to be directly revealed in the user interface.  The high-
   level concepts that can be used in this model allow complex
   interfaces to be described in a very concise declarative fashion,
   without sacrificing program understandability.
  Extreme portability.  CLIM 1.0 admittedly provides a far too Genera-
   like appearance, but CLIM 2.0 will provide far better integration to
   the underlying toolkits, without requiring any explicit advice from
   the programmer.
  Extreme extensibility, due to fairly carefully layered and exposed
   protocols.  Again, CLIM 1.0 is weaker on this than we would prefer
   (chiefly due to time constraints), but a very large amount of work
   has gone into the CLIM 2.0 spec to correct this.


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