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Re: Screen update and feeling the bits between your toes

> Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1991 15:44-0400
> From: Scott McKay <>
>     Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1991 11:54 EDT
>     From:       Jim Mayer <>
>     Is there a mechanism within CLIM that would allow me to move areas of
>     screen real estate around without redrawing?  The kind of think I am
>     thinking of is what most terminal emulators do when they insert a new
>     line: rather than redraw the bottom half of the screen, they BITBLT
>     the bottom half down one line height's worth of bits.
> I have a working implementation of "pixmaps" for CLIM 1.0 for both
> Genera and CLX, but have not yet installed it.  I also don't know
> exactly how to distribute it once it's installed.
> Regardless of that, keep in mind that COPY-AREA (that's what I call it)
> is a pure device-oriented operation.  It does not move output records or
> presentations, it just moves raw bits.  If you want presentations to
> move, you will have to move them yourself.
> I know I have hacks that can benefit from even this very restricted
> operation, but I don't know if it is enough for anyone else?  Comments
> on this, anyone?

I thought CLIM's built-in incremental redisplay facilities move screen
areas around as needed with no user programming required.  Is this just
wishful thinking on my part?


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