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Independent scroll bar operation

I have found the CLIM (1.0) scroll bars in the application panes'
margins to be of limited usefulness, so I wrote my own scroll bar
presentation type that appears in its own separate pane. This allowed me
to have the pointer-documentation string on it show up along with the
ability to program it as I see fit.  My question concerns how can have
my scroll bar's presentation translators work independently from
whatever I am doing in my application frame?  Sort of a separate command
table within the application frame.  For example if I am in the middle
of inputting to an application command my scroll bar's presentation will
not highlight to let me scroll around as CLIM's default scroll bars in
the margin of the panes allow.

Is there a way to set up an independent process within the application
frame to only worry about that scroll bar presentation type and not have
the commands associated with its operation interfer with my regular
application command interaction loop?

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