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Re: Screen update and feeling the bits between your toes

    Date: Mon, 14 Oct 1991 15:55 EDT
    From: (Jim Mayer) writes:
     > This is exactly the facility that DRAGGING-OUTPUT is intended to
     > provide, except that it presently uses REPLAY instead of "bitblt" to do
     > the feedback during dragging.  DRAGGING-OUTPUT could be changed to use
     > "bitblt", except that since "bitblt" can paint only rectangular regions,
     > the dragging of non-rectangular objects could damage some things that
     > should not be damaged.

    Just a note... Under window systems like X11 and NeWS, CopyArea
    (bitblt) is affected by the current clipping region and can, in fact,
    paint non-rectangular areas.

How about that.  I plead guilty to knowing less about X11 than I should,
and did not know that clipping regions could be non-rectangular.  Thanks.


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