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Is there an FAQ list?

    Date: Wed, 16 Oct 1991 14:57 EDT

    I'm on the very shallow part of the learning curve at the moment.
    Are there examples/contributions available for ftp and/or a list
    of FAQ's?

    For starters, I'm trying to implement a base class of clickable objects
    whose presentation I control (via mixins) and which will automagically
    highlight when the mouse is over them.  It seems to me I should be
    able to define a set of classes/presentation types which I can reuse
    in different applications.

CLIM automatically highlights any presentation that has an applicable
translator in the current input context.  You can tailor the exact
visual appearance of the highlighting based on either the output record
class or the presentation type of the presentation to be highlighted.

    Some clues and pointers to references if they exist
    would be greatly appreciated.

I think you should first read the tutorial provided in the CLIM 1.0
documentation.  (If you do not have the tutorial, please complain to
your vendor.)  Then you should ask some much more specific questions.
In particular, a concrete example of what you are trying to do would be
helpful.  The only answer I can give to what you ask above is that CLIM
already does all of that for you.

I infer from the above that you have never used Dynamic Windows either,
so part of what may be going on is that CLIM uses an entirely different
model than what you are used to for describing a user interface.

;; Fire up a CLIM Lisp Listener from the CLIM Demos
(in-package :clim)
(present #p"foo" 'pathname)
(accept 'pathname)
;; Now wave the mouse over the FOO that PRESENT drew on the screen,
;; and it will highlight


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