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Re: Clim FAQ, archives and MCL questions

In article <> writes:
>Here are a few ('n easy) clim questions (I'm using MCL 2.0):
>6) has someone already written code for more mac-looking interface pieces ?  
>I'm thinking of using a real mac menu and mac looking buttons (some with the 
>thick border, for default) ?
>Vincent Keunen

I have been working with ILA on the menubar part of this request. Since
the person I was working with has left the company, we are in the process
of confirming that the code I have is actually what was included in the
copy out at ILA. When that is done, I will wither make that available
through the net or the ILA filks will distribute it in some way. I'll
keep you posted.

BTW, what this code does is find any menu panes in the current layout and
place them in the menubar while removing them from the frame. These menus
intereact properly with interactor panes of the frame.

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