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Avoiding delete-output-record-element error

I'm converting my software into CLIM, but I only wish to use the presentation
aspects within the application frame construct.  Basically my display pane is
controlled by my own scroll bars (ala define-presentation-action).
My software determines which presentations are viewable and can be thrown
up on the display.  The problem I'm having is that my presentations undergo
extensive changes on the display (in which I selectively erase them and
regenerate them).  CLIM`s incremental redisplay is not an option for me
because of the extensive layering of the presentations my application has
(plus it was overly slow and cumbersome to set up all the cacheing).

My problem is this.  Whenever I invoke erase-output-record function on my own
presentations, output-records, etc. , I hit the debugger in the
delete-output-record-element in which CLIM thinks my presentations aren't
there when they are  (I looked into the top-level-coordinate-sorted-set).
My presentations are overlapping and I know CLIM is
doing some of its own massaging of the display.  My display pane has
incremental display off, but it seems CLIM is still massagging my presentation
stuff.  How do I turn it off?  I am maintaining my own pointers to what is
on the display and I wish to selectively erase and regenerate things on my
own.  Is there some application-frame pane flag I need to set to tell CLIM
that I will handle the output-record history?

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