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A few days ago I posted the following question


3. I use WITH-MENU for displaying some text.

   a. When scrolling to the right (example) in the *map-pane*
      and displaying some text with "with-menu" clicking on
      a section, the pane changes its viewport while deexposing the window

In the meantime I found out that this is probably a bug and has nothing to do with
When using a horizontal scrollbar, scrolling to the right and using an empty command
the viewport of the pane will be changed.
I've looked at the values of the function WINDOW-VIEWPORT-POSITION*.
Before using the command the values are correct, after using the command 
the x-value of the viewport has changed to 0 

   b. ...

   c. How can I create a temporary window with a "deexpose" button which is exposed
      as long as the user likes it. The application from which the window was created
      should run in parallel.

I couldn't use NOTIFY-USER, because of printing tables with FORMATTING-TABLE.


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