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Multiple windows in CLIM (New)

I would like to join in the multiple-window discussion with a problem 
of my own.  I am developing an application (in CLIM 1.0 on the Mac)
which displays documents.  The user may have multiple documents
visible at a time.  Similar to Word, I would like to have one
menu bar which is always visible.  One option on the menu is to
request the display of a document.  When this option is chosen, I
would like to create a window for the document and display it.
The problem is that a window for one document is composed of
multiple panes (body, footnotes, references being 3 separately
scrollable panes).  

My thinking so far is to have an application frame which consists of
only the menu pane.  Then, the "new paper" command would create
a window for a document using the open-window-stream command.
However, I can't figure out how to create a window with multiple
panes this way (other than creating the three sub-windows 
separately, in which case laying them out properly would be a pain).  
If the 3 windows have to be created separately, can I create a
parent window for the required size, then three child windows 
which sub-divide the space?

The other approach I've considered is to have one application frame
for the application as a whole (i.e. just the menu) and then
create new application frames for documents when they are
displayed  which contain the three required sub-panes.  Is it 
possible/recommended for an application to have more than one application 
frame?  If this is supported, how do I move the new window display down
the screen so it doesn't overwrite the menu?

Susan Gauch

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